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Adi Mehic



Music has always fascinated me, it’s captivated me like nothing else before and in particular, the piano. Whenever I listen to music I can see colours and recall memories and throughout the years this has inspired me to write my own compositions.  

One of my greatest inspirations, Ennio Morricone, is perhaps the main reason that I have got to where I am today, inspiring me from an early age to pursue my dream of music. 

I always knew that I wanted to be a musician; I started my journey through becoming a classically trained pianist but despite this, I somehow managed to find myself working in pop music and in the fields of arrangement, composition and  improvisation. Some of these included working as a composer for theatre productions and for well established artists. 

Four years ago I started composing for myself, minimalistic pieces expressing my emotions and feelings. In time, these small compositions developed into more than forty solo piano pieces. I progressed them and developed them to everything I dreamed they could be; taking inspiration from classical, new age and minimalism to finally recording them and there came the birth of my first solo album; Ebb & Flow. I hope this music moves you like it moves me. Adi 

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