Piano Plus

This playlist is reserved for works that showcase the piano in combination with other instruments, whether that be solo instruments, orchestral instruments, duos, trios, quartets, small ensembles, and the like.


Mindwalking is a celebration of the curiosity, imagination, creativity, and plasticity of the human mind.

Piano Passion

Reserved for more dramatic and often more technically demanding piano works. Features contemporary composers as well as historically significant composers such as Frederic Chopin, Franz Liszt, Johannes Brahms, and others.


Just trying to create the sensation of floating, whether that be on water or up in the clouds.


A light, melody-driven little ditty, ideal for relaxing, reading, or enjoying nature.


Releases December 31, 2020. A happy-go-lucky piece for solo piano.

Out There

Out There

Out there is a playlist features works, historic and contemporary, that are experimental, eclectic, esoteric, bizarre, or highly imaginative, often defying genre classification.

Still, Still, Still

This is my arrangement of the Austrian tune, commonly sung at Christmas. Though not well known, the beautiful melody is intimate, a lullaby of sorts. My arrangement, based on the text, is intimate, tender, quiet, and reflective.

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (arr. Stephen Weber)

I’ve always loved this 15th century tune of French origin; it has a plainchant feel to it. My arrangement of the tune expresses the contemplative and anticipatory nature of the text usually used with the tune.


A melodic ambient piece featuring synths, piano, and cello, ideal for relaxing and freeing the mind.


Just a light little reflective piece.

Piano Pathways

This playlist features various pathways composers have taken in their piano works to express their ideas. It includes felted, prepared, una corda, and various piano effects as well as contemporary compositional techniques like atonality, strumming, clusters, etc. It’s a new playlist, so I’ll be working toward building listenership.

Piano Poetry and Painting

This playlist features evocative or sensory works for piano, works that suggest imagery or narrative.


An album of 18 piano improvisations.

New Report