29 April, 2022 in

A gentle little ditty in the style of the 19th century Berceuse of Chopin and Liszt.


22 April, 2022 in

A sensory and mesmerizing meditative track.


4 April, 2022 in

A delicate piano piece, a metaphor for the growth, development, and full realization of dreams, aspirations, and goals.

Remember When

30 January, 2022 in

This is a nostalgic and reflective piano track, taking the listener back to simple times and the times of youth.


30 January, 2022 in

Sweet Dreams, Ava Grace

7 January, 2022 in

A delicate little lullaby composed to celebrate the birth of my granddaughter.

The Holly and the Ivy

27 November, 2021 in

A relaxing and smooth arrangement of the classic holiday tune with subtle hints of jazz harmony.

A Canopy of Color

7 November, 2021 in

A gently pointillistic piece celebrating the colors of autumn.

The Gentle Dance of Leaves

23 October, 2021 in

A delicate piece on felted piano with some atmospherics.

The Memory Tree

10 September, 2021 in

The Memory Tree is a melody-driven ditty, a bit nostalgic.


21 August, 2021 in

A simple little composition that tries to capture the magic of the forest.


16 July, 2021 in

A delicate neoclassical composition for felt piano.

The Terrestrial Realm

1 July, 2021 in

A panoramic flyover of the beauty of our planet, best for relaxing and reflecting.


19 June, 2021 in


22 May, 2021 in


30 April, 2021 in

An introspective and reflective piano piece in neoclassical style with hints of Neo-Romanticism.


10 April, 2021 in

A mix of psychedelic/arena rock/postrock/ambient/


4 April, 2021 in

An album of 17 tracks, exploring multiple modes of expression, ranging from neoclassical and minimal, to soundscapes and experimental.


13 March, 2021 in

A light undulating rhythm underpins a lyrical and gentle melody. The piece is designed for relaxation, reflection, reading, and unwinding.

I Don’t Want to Hurt (At All), from the EP Perceptions

27 February, 2021 in

This is second track of a double two-tracker, a joint project with Scarless Arms.

I Don’t Belong Here (At All), from the EP Perceptions

27 February, 2021 in

This is one of two tracks in a double two-tracker, a joint project with Scarless Arms.


19 February, 2021 in

A reflection on life moments we’ve collected on printed matter, in videos, or photos, that become part of the master painting of our life’s canvas.


6 February, 2021 in

A slow reflection on prevailing in difficult circumstances, the piece begins with piano alone, which is later supported with strings and light orchestral colors.

Three Episodes for Clarinet and Piano

23 January, 2021 in

Not really playlist material, but this one is characteristic of the more complex writing I do for the concert stage, what some would call “academic” or “art” music.

Piano Plus

12 January, 2021 in

Followers: 262

This playlist is reserved for works that showcase the piano in combination with other instruments, whether that be solo instruments, orchestral instruments, duos, trios, quartets, small ensembles, and the like.


8 January, 2021 in

Mindwalking is a celebration of the curiosity, imagination, creativity, and plasticity of the human mind.

Piano Passion

7 January, 2021 in

Followers: 202

Reserved for more dramatic and often more technically demanding piano works. Features contemporary composers as well as historically significant composers such as Frederic Chopin, Franz Liszt, Johannes Brahms, and others.


7 January, 2021 in

Just trying to create the sensation of floating, whether that be on water or up in the clouds.


6 January, 2021 in

A light, melody-driven little ditty, ideal for relaxing, reading, or enjoying nature.


31 December, 2020 in

Releases December 31, 2020. A happy-go-lucky piece for solo piano.

Out There

Out There

13 December, 2020 in

Followers: 108

Out there is a playlist features works, historic and contemporary, that are experimental, eclectic, esoteric, bizarre, or highly imaginative, often defying genre classification.

Still, Still, Still

14 November, 2020 in

This is my arrangement of the Austrian tune, commonly sung at Christmas. Though not well known, the beautiful melody is intimate, a lullaby of sorts. My arrangement, based on the text, is intimate, tender, quiet, and reflective.

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (arr. Stephen Weber)

7 November, 2020 in

I’ve always loved this 15th century tune of French origin; it has a plainchant feel to it. My arrangement of the tune expresses the contemplative and anticipatory nature of the text usually used with the tune.


7 November, 2020 in

A melodic ambient piece featuring synths, piano, and cello, ideal for relaxing and freeing the mind.


4 November, 2020 in

Just a light little reflective piece.

Piano Pathways

25 May, 2020 in

Followers: 97

This playlist features various pathways composers have taken in their piano works to express their ideas. It includes felted, prepared, una corda, and various piano effects as well as contemporary compositional techniques like atonality, strumming, clusters, etc. It’s a new playlist, so I’ll be working toward building listenership.

Piano Poetry and Painting

25 May, 2020 in

Followers: 232

This playlist features evocative or sensory works for piano, works that suggest imagery or narrative.


22 April, 2020 in

An album of 18 piano improvisations.

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