For many years the twelve concertos of Opus 3 “L’ESTRO ARMONICO” have not let me alone. The joy and delight of the opening and closing movements in contrast to the deeply felt and almost transcendental largo movements, as well as the fire and passion of the driving rhythms continually give me a deep sense of contentedness. Together with a glass of old Amarone, how beautiful life can be! This feeling I wanted to turn into music for the guitar. After close study of the score of the twelve concertos it became clear to me that this was guitar music. It was not my intention to make violin music with guitar but rather to create a work that could be the original, precisely because it plays on the instrumental strengths of the latter instrument. I managed to interest my Candian publisher in the idea, and within just three months the whole collection of twelve numbers appeared with “Les Productions d’OZ“ in Quebec. For the six concertos on this CD I chose a quintet ensemble with four guitars together with a bass guitar or a twelve-string, steel-string guitar for the bass continuo part.


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