Ambient Nights

The new album “Ambient Nights” by Thomas Lemmer is out now!

Thomas Lemmer about his new work “Ambient Nights”:

“This album was a heart’s desire for me. If you know my music, you know that I try to discover something new for me to develop further with every album. In the last years, I have found more and more pleasure in spherical ambient music. I listened to this music myself when I went to sleep and discovered so many deep and outstanding music pieces that the desire to produce a pure ambient album grew in me more and more.

I put a lot of time into the sound design and also recorded and processed ambient sounds from my surroundings with my field recorder.

The concept of the album is a journey into the dream world. It’s best to take your time for the album and close your eyes while listening. Whoever gets involved experiences pure relaxation.

My special thanks goes to Valeska Rautenberg from Berlin, who introduces the listener to the album with her touching voice.

My recommendation: Take some time for yourself, close your eyes, and come along on the journey.”

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