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Submit your music to playlists curated by other musicians. Create your own playlist and share it on our website. Other musicians will ask you to include their music in your playlist. Listen, follow & Share the playlists on social networks and grow your audience.

We strive to do professional playlist curators work, but unlike other platforms, all of our members are also musicians. We do not receive payments for including songs in our playlists.

The best way to help is to create your own playlist, share it and include members of our website who request it. Promote your playlist through social networks.

The project development has been built in an altruistic way. Currently, the server costs and some platform components, are covered by some of our members on patreon. Funding allows us to improve the tools on our platform and can help us undercut expenses derived from human resources.

Noise of Dreams is a musicians and producers team. If you want to make artistic or audiovisual collaborations with us, you can publish under our collective brand.

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