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Noise of Dreams

Digital Music Cause Marketing

Professional Musicians Collective 100%
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“We believe that the art progress and artist recognition are based on collective work. So when we refer to Noise of Dreams, we do so as a collective artist”.

-Noise of Dreams-


Submit your music to Spotify and Apple Music Playlists curated by other musicians. Send a private message to playlist curators through our platform. Listen, follow & share the playlists.

Yes. We strive to do professional playlist curators work, but unlike other platforms, we are musicians.  Our promotion system is based on collaboration between musicians.

The best way to help is to create your own playlist on Spotify, Apple Music … Share it on our website. Other musicians will ask you to include their music in your playlist. Listen and share it on your social profiles. Grow your audience and listeners.

The project development has been built in an altruistic way. Currently, the server costs and some platform components, are covered by some of our members on Patreon. Funding allows us to improve the tools on our platform.


Our philosophy is based on collaboration and we want to keep it that way.

We are musicians as you, help us to continue growing and implement new features to improve our network.

As musician, you can help promote others artists working as a playlist curator, blogger, influencer, etc. Others Musicians will be happy to publicize your social profile, your playlist, your blog, etc… in the same way that you publicize their musical work, without cost.

There are over 650 registered professional musicians and users working hard to promote their music and optimize their playlists, blogs, youtube channels, social profiles….

*Is expressly forbidden to accept payments for adding songs to playlists (Payola).

**The account of a user who requests money through the web will be deleted.


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